The World of Twenty20 cricket

Origins of Twenty 20 cricket - How Twenty 20 cricket started

Origins of Twenty 20 cricket-How Twenty 20 cricket began

Why the origin of Twenty 20 cricket was absolutely necessary for World cricket.

Twenty 20 cricket has been a Godsend to world cricket. Before the arrival of Twenty 20 cricket, the world cricket scene has been recently smirched by allegations of match-fixing,bias,racism and groupism. The biggest problem for world cricket is however, that of spectator boredom.

Before Twenty 20 cricket came in, the Americans have been making fun of the cricket loving population for ages. The typical rant against cricket is that it is boring and sometimes,you play an entire five days worth of cricket with no result.

Twenty 20 cricket origins- Invented and popularized in England

Twenty 20 cricket was apparently originated by a person named Nick Borcich in England. The ECS (England and Wales Cricket Board) introduced a Twenty 20 cricket tournament (The Twenty 20 cup cricket tournament) between the various counties.

The true origins of Twenty 20 cricket can be traced to the Twenty20 cup county cricket tournament in England which turned out to be a huge success. In fact, one particular match between Middlesex and Surrey had the highest audience in England for a county cricket match since 1953. This successful Twenty 20 cricket match set the seal on this latest format of world cricket- It was now only a matter of time before world cricket took up the natural evolution of the cricket game.

The origins of Twenty 20 cricket-Twenty 20 domestic cricket tournament across the world.

Having its origins in the Twenty 20 cup county cricket tournament in England, Twenty 20 cricket has rapidly spread throughout the world.The success of the Twenty 20 cup county cricket tournament in England sparked off a huge interest in this new form of cricket and exhibition matches for Twenty 20 cricket were held throughout the world. One such exhibition Twenty 20 cricket match was between India and New Zealand where Sachin Tendulkar played a hand and was the man of the match.

Soon, Twenty 20 cricket was adopted by every cricket board on earth and Twenty 20 domestic cricket tournaments are now played all over the world.Some of the popular Twenty 20 cricket tournaments include the ABN-Amro Twenty 20 cup in Pakistan, the State Twenty20 cricket tournament in New Zealand, the Twenty20 cup in England,the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash in Australia and the Pro20 series in South Africa - each of these Twenty 20 tournaments have been hugely popular in their home countries.

A tribute to the originators of Twenty 20 cricket- Twenty 20 World cup in 2007 in South Africa

The Twenty 20 World cup will be held in South Africa in 2007. India has formally also announced its intention to participate in the Twenty 20 world cup and declared its commitment to the Twenty 20 cricket format.


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